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For Avery Bradley, It's All About Confidence

Avery Bradley discusses his improvement during media day

Boston Celtics Shooting Guard Avery Bradley
Boston Celtics Shooting Guard Avery Bradley
Jared Wickerham

Avery Bradley was interviewed by #CetlcsTalk at Celtics Media Day, and the word "confidence" was a constant in everything he discussed.  When talking about how his shot improved last year Bradley kept saying that he just put in the work and it made him confident.  After spending an offseason working on his shot, both he and his fellow teammates had confidence in his ability to take and make three pointers.  He also said that Danny Ainge was always in his ear telling him to shoot when he was open.  For shooters, a huge part of the game is believing that the next shot you take is going to go in, so it isn't hard to believe that an uptick in confidence played a huge role in his shooting turnaround.

When Avery was asked whether he felt more comfortable playing at the one or the two, he said he doesn't really care at this point.  Once again, he referred back to him putting in the work on his ball handling and the confidence that came along with it.  With Avery Bradley, it seems like it is all about his mentality when he's on the court.  Hopefully this year he can remain as confident as ever and emerge as a legitimate scoring threat and secondary ball handler.

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