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First practice update

With Brad Stevens emphasizing a more read-and-react offense, Evan Turner is making a case to be the team's primary ball handler in the absence of Rajon Rondo.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Lots to digest here, but it sounds like the headline coming out of the first practice of training camp is that Evan Turner is going to get some run at the point. At Media Day yesterday, Brad Stevens talked about being comfortable with two point guards or two combo guards on the floor at the same time and mentioning that anybody could be the primary ball handler in a set.  Stevens wants more "pace and space" to allow ball handlers to penetrate and probe defenses.  Hence, the ball-handling drills.  (Nice crossover, Joel!  Maybe not as nice as's Emily Austen handle, but still pretty sweet.)  This goes in line with what Stevens said yesterday about the team playing more fluid, read-and-react offense with everybody getting a chance to make several reads in a play.  Whether it's setting a weak side screen or putting the ball on the floor, it sounds like to a man, everybody will be responsible for making plays for everybody else.

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