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List of best under 23 teams does not include the Celtics

Yup, these are the discussions we have in early September.

Mike Stobe

We're still a month or so away from basketball returning and there's no new news so these are the kinds of discussions that we are left with.  Dan Feldman of ProBasketballTalk decided to rank the teams with the best players under the age of 23.  It was based on a comment from the Bucks' owner claiming that his team had the best under-23 squad.

Here's the link but I'll give you a hint.  The Celtics don't rank at all in the 12 teams mentioned.

Perhaps it is due to the arbitrary cutoff point of 23.  After all, Avery Bradley, Kelly Olynyk, and Phil Pressey are all 23 years old and thus not qualified for this drill.  In addition, Tyler Zeller is 24 (and so are Chris Johnson and Chris Babb if you can believe it).

So what we're really looking at is Jared Sullinger (22), Marcus Smart (20), and James Young (19!) and that's it.  Sully has some nice potential and we have high hopes for Smart, but James Young is far to green to move the needle on a list like this.

Now if we were talking about an under 25 year old team, I think we'd have some swagger there.  Would you take the Celtics young roster over some of the other teams mentioned (despite the slightly older roster the C's have)?

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