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Celtics' president Rich Gotham denies any Rajon Rondo trade demand was made

More non-news regarding Rajon Rondo that I pass along because I kinda have to.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Remember that "trade demand" that was quickly shot down by the Celtics and Rondo's agent?  Just to make sure that rumor is good and dead, the Celtics president Rich Gotham got in his denial today.

Celtics president says Rajon Rondo didn’t ask team for trade - Sports - The Boston Globe

"You know if he has made that demand, it hasn’t been directly to the Celtics," Gotham said. "I have not heard that. Rajon’s been working out all summer [in Boston]. He’s been here. This is his home. He’s been working hard. Everybody’s happy with his progress and everything he’s told us is he’s excited to be here, taking on a leadership role with the team."

Gotham preached patience with the team and talked about how being flexible and having options are the best thing for the Celtics right now.  He also went on about Rondo.

Boston Celtics president Rich Gotham preaches optimism - ESPN Boston

"When we talk about Rondo, we talk about his development and recovery from his ACL [surgery]," said Gotham. "So we talk about getting him ready to perform this season and we're excited about having the old Rondo back. That's what we talk about. The stuff that gets reported in the media, it's out of our control. Sometimes you laugh a little bit, sometimes you shake your head a little bit, sometimes you say, 'Geez, I haven't heard that, I wonder if there's anything there?' But we can't allow ourselves to pay too much attention to that. What's important to us is getting the team ready, and paying attention to media rumors doesn't help us get the team ready."

That's not going to stop the whispers and rumors though.  This article from Ric Bucher seems to indicate that while the price is still high, Rajon Rondo is very much available to anyone willing to pay Danny's price.

Rajon Rondo, Celtics Playing Nice for Now, but Divorce May Be Inevitable | Bleacher Report

Boston Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge has repeatedly dismissed trade rumors involving Rondo. Yet practically every NBA executive outside of Boston I've spoken to says Ainge has made Rondo available to them. Rondo, meanwhile, has repeatedly said how much he treasures being a Celtic, but he's never hid the fact that if the franchise doesn't want him he'd be OK going elsewhere.

So expect the Rondo rumors to keep going, and going, and going...

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