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Greg Monroe signs qualifying offer with Pistons

So that leaves Bledsoe out there.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

One of the last few major dominoes in this summer fell today.  Greg Monroe will not be signed-and-traded.  He will, however, be a free agent next offseason.

Sources: Greg Monroe signs Pistons' qualifying offer, will be unrestricted free agent in 2015 - Yahoo Sports

Detroit Pistons forward Greg Monroe has signed a $5.5 million qualifying offer, clearing the way for him to leave the franchise next summer, league sources told Yahoo Sports. Monroe had been a restricted agent this summer and couldn't come to terms on a contract extension with the Pistons – nor could the team find a suitable sign-and-trade scenario for him.

Don't expect him to be traded mid year either - due to complicated trade rules with guys signing qualifying offers.

The Detroit Pistons and Greg Monroe are taking a qualified risk | Ball Don't Lie - Yahoo Sports

Monroe will likely be staying with the Pistons the entire season. If Detroit does develop a midseason deal involving the scoring forward, he has veto power and can decline the trade. If Greg does decide that he wants to end up where the Pistons want to send him, he’d better think twice – Monroe will lose his Bird Rights with the new team, meaning that he’d have to be dealt to a squad with significant 2015 cap space in order to re-sign a contract set to what he thinks he’s worth. Such a move would also hamper that hypothetical team’s other offseason pursuits.

Barring a major injury, Monroe is likely going to make a lot of money next offseason, despite questions about his defense.

Will the Celtics have interest in Monroe next offseason?  I would imagine so, depending on how Sullinger and Olynyk develop (and if they are still in Celtics uniforms next summer).  But we are many months from having to consider that possibility.

So that leaves just Eric Bledsoe out there as a restricted free agent who is still looking for a max offer.  Unless he's signed and traded, it appears he might be following in Monroe's footsteps.

There's still a few weeks left in the offseason for that situation to resolve itself. Will the Celtics make a play for him?  Perhaps in a deal involving Rajon Rondo?  It doesn't seem all that likely, but you never know.  It at least deserves keeping an eye on.

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