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Everything must go: Who else will be traded from the Celtics?

All sales final. No returns.

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Well, that escalated quickly.  We've been itching to get some trades to free up playing time for the younger players and the trades actually happened.

Happy trails Jeff Green.  I'm happy for you and for me.  For you because you get to go to a contender.  For me because I don't have to write Jeff Green articles anymore!

We hardly knew ya Brandan Wright.  Best of luck in your new digs.  I was hoping to get a 1st rounder for you, but unless the Wolves get better sooner than we thought, it will just be 2 seconds.  So the running tally from the Rondo trade is 1 first, 3 seconds, Nelson, Crowder, and a big heaping $12.9M TPE. Okie dokie.  We'll see how all that pans out.

So who's next?  Surely Brandon Bass is one of the guys that has been on the market for a while now.  Marcus Thronton might help a team that needs shooting.  Jameer Nelson would very much like to be re-routed elsewhere.  The team would very much like to send Gerald Wallace elsewhere but I don't see that happening without giving up an asset (not happening).  It is possible that someone might even find some value in adding Evan Turner, despite how things worked out for him in Indiana last year.

If Danny keeps going at this pace, we might have a quiet trade deadline because there won't be any guys left to deal. With that said, I think that he'll take his time now and perhaps wait until the deadline to make his next moves.  Bass could be dealt at any time, but we aren't getting a 1st for him unless someone gets desperate, so why not wait?

At the deadline Ainge will be able to package Nelson with other pieces to match salaries.  Also, and I think this is key, he'll have the ability to be a facilitator for other teams needing a 3rd team to make a deal happen.  The Brandan Wright trade gives us a $5M TPE to absorb a contract so maybe we could pick up another asset that way.

This is a long shot to happen, but one thing to keep in mind is that Avery Bradley will be eligible to be traded on Jan. 15.  I'm pretty sure that the Celtics like him and plan on keeping him, but anyone and everyone is available on this squad for the right price.  Including some of the younger guys (though I think it would take a LOT to get Marcus Smart).

Oh yeah, and at some point, Ainge will have to turn some of these picks and assets in to real, live, NBA players who can win basketball games.  But that's most likely going to have to wait till the offseason at the earliest.

Until then, we'll get to see more of the kids (enter James Young!) and more trades up until the deadline. Are we having fun yet?

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