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Jeff Green trade update: Celtics get Austin Rivers as part of the deal

We've got a Rivers back in Boston!

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Well this is interesting.

At first I was nervous because I didn't see the future 1st in Marc's tweets, but then he clarified with this one.

So we do get the future 1st rounder.  He just get Rivers instead of Salmons, which is a nice little upgrade.

New Orleans Pelicans now part of Jeff Green to Memphis Grizzlies deal - ESPN

The Grizzlies have long targeted Green -- and felt they were close to acquiring him last season as part of the trade that brought Courtney Lee to Memphis -- but needed a third team involved to shed more salary in this transaction to avoid luxury-tax complications. So they turned to the Pelicans, who have long been interested in Pondexter.

Sean Grande points out that Danny has long been a Rivers fan.  He also points out...

I guess we'll have more Doc Rivers stories in the coming days and years.

Austin Rivers is a restricted free agent at the end of this year, so we'll have a good look at him before needing to make a decision on his future.

Things in New Orleans haven't been that great for Austin.  He recently got a DNP-CD (which his brother was not too happy about) and this past summer there was talk that he could have been waived.

Maybe a change of scenery will do him some good.

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