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NBA trade rumor: Austin Rivers may be headed to the Clippers?

This deal gets weirder by the minute.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

As if the Jeff Green trade wasn't odd enough already, now there are rumors that Austin Rivers could be flipped to the Clippers to play with with his dad Doc Rivers.

Jordan Farmar would work salary-wise, but he's got a player option for next year so he probably wouldn't be coming off the books like Rivers (or Salmans) would be.

Sounds like the Clippers are willing to send a 2nd rounder to the Celtics but matching salaries could be a deal breaker.  Clippers are hard capped so they are limited in what they can do and they still need to find a way to upgrade at small forward.

Latest update from Wojo:

Sources: Grizzlies nearing trade to acquire Jeff Green - Yahoo Sports

The Celtics don’t want to take contract salary beyond this year, but the sides have been discussing possible trade scenarios on Saturday, sources said.

So the bottom line is that Rivers clearly isn't in the Celtics plans.

Stay tuned for more weirdness.

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