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Rumor: Celtics getting calls on Marcus Thornton

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Yahoo! Sports Marc J. Spears is reporting that Marcus Thornton is the latest Celtic to receive trade interest as the February 9th deadline nears.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Along with Brandon Bass' remaining $6.9M, Thornton's expiring contract should be the next on Danny Ainge's Trade To-Do list, but unlike Brandan Wright's $5M, Bass and Thornton a little more difficult to move because of their size.  Both vets are still very productive and could help off a contender's bench.  The Wizards seem like a team that could go all-in by trading Otto Potter or would the Thunder be willing to part with Kendrick Perkins and a pick to pull them out of the #9 spot in the West?  What say you and your trade machine, CelticsBloggers?