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Danny Ainge hopes to package picks for talent

Ainge has visions of the 2008 title when looking forward to Banner 18.

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Danny Ainge had a telling interview on Toucher and Rich on 98.5 the Sports Hub this morning that gave some insight into his thinking with regards to the Celtics rebuild.

Clearly, Danny has the summer before the 2007-08 season in mind as he makes a blueprint for building the next Celtics championship team. He has already come out and said he would have preferred to make a big splash this past summer, but the right player wasn't available to the Celtics for the right price.

What is that price? When Danny was asked how many picks it takes to get a superstar, he discussed how difficult it is to acquire top level talent.

"Superstars are tough to get. The top 5, 10, 15 players in the league right now you can't get them - except through the draft. There have been a lot of really good players drafted in the mid and late first round in the past, but you have to get lucky to get them."

In an ideal world, a superstar will become available and the Celtics can dive into their war chest of assets and outbid the rest of the league for him. Otherwise, Ainge plans to take as many swings as possible to try to grab Boston's next superstar through the draft.

When asked about this year's draft class, Ainge said he is a bit underwhelmed.

Sorry Danny, but I don't buy it. Last year, Ainge had very similar sentiments about the draft, yet according to multiple reports he is in love with who he got at both #6 and #17. Hopefully this coming draft will yield a similar result.

Finally, Ainge was asked if he feels pressure with all the picks and cap space he has accumulated.

"I always feel that pressure, and that's what makes it fun. The fear of losing, that's what drives you."

In Danny we trust.

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