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NBA trade rumor: Nets, Hornets, Thunder discuss blockbuster

Well okay then.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Well, this is a pretty big deal.  An already nutso trade season could get even crazier.

Brooklyn Nets, Charlotte Hornets, Oklahoma City Thunder talking Lance Stephenson trade - ESPN

The Brooklyn Nets, Charlotte Hornets and Oklahoma City Thunder are involved in discussions about a three-way trade that would send Brooklyn playground legend Lance Stephenson to his hometown team, according to league sources. Stephenson, a poor fit since signing in Charlotte this past summer, would join the Nets, while Brooklyn center Brook Lopez would be moved to Oklahoma City, sources said. Charlotte would receive Jarrett Jack from Brooklyn and Jeremy Lamb and Grant Jerrett from Oklahoma City. Other pieces might be included to make the deal work financially. Sources confirmed a USA Today report that Oklahoma City center Kendrick Perkins could go to the Nets in a potential deal.

Sources: Nets determined to trade Lopez soon - Yahoo Sports

For the Nets, the biggest hurdle remained their willingness to take on combustible Charlotte guard Lance Stephenson, sources said. Oklahoma City has been the most aggressive in its pursuit of Lopez, league sources told Yahoo Sports. Brooklyn has tried to find teams willing to move the expiring contract of Kendrick Perkins for an established player, sources said. The Nets have delivered indications to teams they would like to settle on a trade by the weekend, league sources said.

What does this mean to the Celtics? Probably nothing in the short run as I'm not sure if Danny could or even should try to shoehorn his way into this deal. (Though they are welcome to have Gerald Wallace for Perkins!)

But it could obviously have implications on the Nets future picks coming to Boston. If Stephenson works through his issues and manages to be a productive player for the Nets, then he could help make them more respectable in the coming years.  If he proves to be a distraction or a negative influence then the opposite could occur.

I feel like there have to be more moving pieces in this deal, so that alone is worth watching.  Who knows what else this might shake out of the trade market.

Update: Yep, changes coming.

Update 2:

Update 3:

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