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Tayshaun Prince plays more than expected for Boston Celtics

Ok then.

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We knew that Tayshaun Prince was mostly salary filler in the Jeff Green trade.  We knew that he would be put on the trade market the minute that he officially joined the team.  We know that if that doesn't happen he'll likely be bought out after the deadline. We just didn't know for sure that he'd actually play for the Celtics.  There was always a chance in things like this that he'd simply prefer to stay home and collect his checks.  But Prince is a pro and he knows how this business works.

Nobody, however, really expected Prince to play this much (19 minutes yesterday) from day one.  Not even the coach.

Celtics Notebook: Prince plays into plans, for now | Boston Herald

"I didn’t expect to play him near that much," coach Brad Stevens said. "I felt pretty comfortable with him on the floor, because he’s really savvy. He’s always in the right place, especially defensively. A couple of times he looked at me like, ‘Where am I supposed to go?’ Luckily that was mostly in the second half, so it was right in front of our bench. But he’s good. He’s a good addition to any group. He impacts winning. He impacts you in the right way."

That's a compliment to Prince, but also doesn't say much to our current roster when a guy can walk in cold and get 19 minutes of playing time.  He even played more than starter Jae Crowder (13 uninspiring minutes).  Gerald Wallace, who's already got a permanent moth ball odor about him, found himself glued to the end of the bench.  James Young is still recovering from being sick.

Eventually the Celtics are going to need to throw Young to the wolves and see what they've got with him at the NBA level. Eventually Prince is going to move on from this situation to one more to his liking.  But until then, Prince is a Celtic and he's going to play.

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