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Rumor: Celtics may hang on to Tayshaun Prince if no trades happen

CP3 thinks this looks weird too.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

It is no secret that the Celtics will look to trade Tayshaun Prince till the trade deadline.  If no logical deals present themselves, it was widely assumed that the team would reach a buyout agreement with the veteran.  That might not be happening though.

Not necessarily another Green deal for Tayshaun Prince | Boston Herald

According to league sources, the Celts would still like to move Prince for a draft pick before the Feb. 19 NBA trade deadline. But it’s what could happen if he’s not dealt that may be up for more discussion in the coming days. There was strong word that if Prince wasn’t moved by the deadline that the Celtics would seek agreement with him on a buyout of this final year of his contract (he makes a bit more than $7.2 million). But coach Brad Stevens has taken a strong liking to Prince, who had four points in 17 minutes in last night’s 100-99 win against the Nuggets. It’s fair to assume he may lobby to keep him on the squad the rest of the season if he is not traded.

Poor Brad must be pretty starved for veterans that know how to play the game right.  We've already got one elder statesman at the small forward position, but Gerald Wallace doesn't play much anymore.  As much as I'd like to see James Young play, there are worse things than him learning lessons from a guy like Prince.

An interesting subplot here is "how much is Danny Ainge going to listen to what Brad Stevens wants?"  Will he give him a lottery roster and say "sorry, just do the best you can?"  I think the short answer is "if it helps us add assets later, he'll absolutely sacrifice the current and Stevens will just have to hope for a better roster next year.

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