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Hey lurkers, don't forget that you can write comments and FanPosts!

Don't be a lurker, be a blogger!

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It has been too long since I last called out the lurkers.  You know who you are.  You casual readers that stop by and read the fine articles and laugh at the comments and generally partake in the fine buffet of Celtics goodness on this site.  Yet, you humbly refrain from engaging in the frivolity yourselves.

You are like the guy that stops by the basketball court, watches a few games, and then goes on home thinking that you couldn't play with those guys.  Well, I'm the captain of the team, and I'm tossing you a ball.  We've got a spot open my friend.  You wanna play?

See, the thing that makes this site special is the community.  Yes, I know I'm brilliant and witty and obviously humble.  I realize that Kevin and wjsy and all the new writers are each Pulitzer bound someday.  But let me clue you in on a little secret.  There are lots of good Celtics writers who post on many different blogs.  So there has to be something else.

Community is the key to our success here.  It started out with this blog being the equivalent of a small sports pub where everyone knew your name. It grew and we lost some of that closeness, but we were also exposed to countless new voices that have entertained and educated us through the years. Now (10+ years later) we're about the size of a college stadium and I couldn't be prouder.  But I want to keep those seats packed with cheering fans.  I want to hear you rant, rave, laugh, cry, and whatever else comes to mind.

We strive to provide you with a safe environment to share your voice.  We moderate comments so that there won't be personal attacks that devolve into useless flame wars.  We also ask that you do not swear and generally treat each other with respect.  Again, all so that you can feel comfortable sharing your thoughts with fellow fans.

But we still need you (yes, YOU) to register an account, log in, and get talking.  Start with the comments.  Introduce yourself.  Tell us what you think of the rebuild.  Are you pro-tanking or anti-tanking (or do you think those labels are silly)?  Who's your favorite player (left) and why?  What kind of team would you like to see a year from now (or 3 years)?

If you find yourself needing more space to share your thoughts, I encourage you to start writing FanPosts.  We try to feature the best of them in the Featured FanPosts section and splash one up on the front page from time to time. I wish I could do more but that's where you come in.

Write! React! Engage!

Any questions? (Hint: to ask, you'll have to register)

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