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Celtics bit by Timberpuppies, lose 110-98

Wolves win this battle of the rebuilds.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Both teams feature several young, developing players and a sprinkling of out-of-place veterans.  Both teams spread the wealth on offense tonight, resulting in 14 players total that finished with double figures and just one (Kevin Martin) topping 20.

They played pretty evenly for the first half but a big 3rd quarter for the Wolves helped give them enough cushion to secure the win.  The Celtics never gave up on the game, but too many things went right for Minny.

Marcus Smart continues to show great flashes of his potential. His shooting is miles better, he has some nice distribution instincts, and of course his defense is just a joy to watch.

Another day, another showcase game for Tayshaun Prince.  I'm hoping his strong play convinces some contending team to give us an asset for him.  I'd hate to simply buy him out for nothing.

Stevens really seems to like pairing Gerald Wallace and Prince on the court together.  On twitter I tried to come up with a few nicknames for them.

Zach LaVine had himself a heck of a night, in particular a hot 3rd quarter.

Gorgui Dieng stepped up big as well, finishing with a double double.  If you remember, that was a guy that Kevin O'Connor loved in the draft a couple years back.

Andrew Wiggins showed some flashes of his number 1 pick potential but wasn't a huge factor in this particular game.

Let's just assume that they were tired at the end of a long road trip and didn't have the gas to finish it out strong.  Yup.

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