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5 Jeff Green trade ideas

Because I haven't had anyone tell my how dumb I am in far too long.

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I promised to come up with some Jeff Green trade ideas and here's what I've got thus far.  Most of these have been mentioned or suggested here or elsewhere.  I even provided links and quotes from other sources that suggested them.

All these deals work in the Trade Machine and can be completed at any time.

1. Jeff Green to Memphis for Tayshaun Prince and 2 second rounders.

Green Street " 10 trades worth the Celtics’ while: Part 3

It’s safe to assume that the reason this deal has only been talked about, but has not yet happened, is that Ainge is asking for too much in return. Ainge likely is set on getting either a first-rounder or Kosta Koufos (the young center that would have gone to the Cavs in the three-way) in exchange for his best player now that Rondo’s gone. That’s not going to happen. Either this deal is going to fall apart, or Ainge is going to lower his standards. It should be the latter.

I'd like to do better than 2nd rounders for Green and I'd love getting Koufos.  I'm just not sure if we will get that from Memphis.  Theoretical question: If Memphis offered Prince and Koufos plus a couple of 2nd rounders for Green and Sullinger, would you pull the trigger?

2. Jeff Green to Oklahoma City for Kendrick Perkins and Perry Jones III

Let’s Trade Celtics Forward Jeff Green | Basketball Insiders | NBA Rumors And Basketball News

For the Celtics, they take on Perkins’ expiring deal to acquire Perry Jones III. Jones has yet to prove he can be a big-time contributor, but as a 6’11 small forward with obvious talent, he has a high ceiling moving forward. And if for any reason Ainge isn’t smitten with Jones, he could insist on a player like Jeremy Lamb being included instead.

The deal save the Thunder some money (they are over the tax after the Dion Waiters deal) and upgrades their wing with better scoring.  I could see this happening.  Plus, who wouldn't love seeing Perkins (on an expiring deal) back in Boston?

3. Jeff Green to Phoenix for Gerald Green and a protected future first round pick

The Suns are under the cap, so they can take on more salary than they send out, so they could upgrade their wing position at the cost of a future protected pick (and they have a few extra good ones via trades).  I proposed this to a Suns blogger and got no interest at all.

4. Jeff Green to Portland for Dorrell Wright, Thomas Robinson, and a future first round pick

We covered this here.

5. Jeff Green to Memphis, Brandon Bass and a 2nd round pick to OKC, Kendrick Perkins, Teyshaun Prince, and Reggie Jackson to Boston.

The Thunder save a lot of money and Brandon Bass gives them more depth, the Griz get Jeff Green, and the Celtics get a long look at Reggie Jackson who's a restricted free agent.  This probably isn't enough for OKC to give up Jackson but it is worth asking.

I wanted to explode this into more complex 3-team trades but I admit that I ran out of steam.  It is really hard to weigh the wants and needs of all the teams around the league.  Feel free to make some additional suggestions that I might be able to use in a future article.

Another important note: If Danny Ainge holds onto Green till the trade deadline he'll have the option of packaging him with Brandan Wright or Jameer Nelson (or even Jae Crowder, though I think I'd like to keep him around).

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