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Brandan Wright has cup o' joe with the C's - traded to the Suns for a draft pick(s)

Brandan Wright surely became familiar with Dunkin' Donuts coffee while he was a member of the Celtics for 20 days. The youth movement continues for Danny Ainge, as the Celtics slowly but surely are acquiring a war chest of draft picks for yet more trading and talent acquisition.

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After Brandan Wright was told by Danny Ainge yesterday that he was on the trading block, resulting in the DNP in the win against the Brooklyn Nets.  Wright has been traded to the Phoenix Suns for a protected 1st rounder that comes via Minnesota.  From Adrian Wojnarowski at Yahoo:

  • The Phoenix Suns have reached agreement on a trade to acquire Boston Celtics forward Brandan Wright, league sources told Yahoo Sports.  
  • The Suns will send the Celtics the 2015 first-round draft pick they own from the Minnesota Timberwolves, sources told Yahoo. 
  • The pick is protected from Nos. 1-12 in the 2015 and '16 drafts. If the Timberwolves hold onto it through both drafts, they will then instead send their 2016 and '17 second-round picks.
  • Wright was traded to Boston in last month's deal that sent Rajon Rondo to the Dallas Mavericks
Note:  A later release indicated that Wright was fit under the Sun's cap space so that  the C's also received a $5M trade exception from the deal.

Brandan Wright never really got it going in 8 games with the Celtics, but also never got more than 15 minutes of court time in any game. The front court rotations was admittedly crowded with Tyler Zeller coming on, along with Jared Sullinger and Kelly Olynyk decent play, as well as Brandon Bass.

We can sit back and look at the Rondo trade and know that the "advanced stat per minute freak" Wright was not the center piece of the active players coming from Dallas, and that it most certainly was about Jae Crowder.  Crowder has moved into the backup SF position since arriving, and with a Jeff Green trade being potentially imminent, Crowder could in fact take over as the starter.

The Rondo trade now turns into:

  • Crowder
  • Nelson
  • DAL conditional first-round pick in the 2015 draft
  • DAL second-rounder in 2016
  • $12.9M trade exception plus another $5M*, plus
  • MIN conditional first-round in either 2015/2016 or MIN 2016 & 2017 2nd rounders

* Per the CBA, the traded player exceptions cannot be used together to acquire one player.

The Celtics rotations will continue to morph and test it's young players, and this is certainly a positive for the likes of Zeller, Olynyk and Sullinger.  Trader Danny gathers no moss.


UPDATE:  Brandan Wright exit quotes from Boston Globe:

Wright understood he was likely to be traded soon after the Rondo deal. "This team, it’s not complete yet," he said. "It’s in transition mode and building for the future. The front office is trying to acquire picks and acquire guys and find that right niche. Young coach. Young team. I knew that it was a possibility I could be moved again." Wright talked with coach Brad Stevens extensively over the last few days and knew at Friday morning’s shootaround he could be gone. "I really appreciated him in the time I’ve been here, he’s a great guy," Wright said. "A heck of a coach. He’s got this thing going in the right direction. He treated me with class the entire time I was here. I enjoyed the short stint working here with him."

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