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Dumb Celtics trade ideas for you to openly mock

Can you believe some of these idiotic trade ideas you see on the Internet???

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The most likely scenario to happen this weekend is for the Celtics to simply cut Perry Jones III and move on with their 15 man roster.  But that's never stopped Danny Ainge from looking under every rock to find a trade at the last hour.

Now, I know that any trade ideas I post will be openly mocked and ridiculed.  So I've decided to beat you all to the punch and mock and ridicule my ideas for you.  Feel free to pile on though.  You be you.

So here are a few minor trade ideas for the Celtics to consider briefly before laughing in my face.

1. 3 way trade with Pacers and Suns.

Markiff Morris to the Pacers
Chase Budinger to the Celtics
Kelly Olynyk, Perry Jones III, and filler (R. Christmas?) to the Suns

Why I thought of it: Pacers need a big and the Suns would like to move on from the Morris era.  The Celtics have one too many bigs and could use some extra scoring.  Chase has an expiring deal so no long-term commitment if it doesn't work out with him.

Why this is stupid and should be mocked: I'm not sure if a flyer on an injury prone player is the kind of return I want on Olynyk.  Also, Chase was just traded over the summer, so the Pacers probably want to see what they have in him. You could probably cut the Celtics out of this deal and figure out an easier 2 way deal.  Or there's always the option of throwing a 2nd rounder at the Sixers to make the dollars match better.

2. Evan Turner for Quincy Pondexter

Why I thought of it: The Pelicans are decimated by injuries and they would like to give MVP-to-be Anthony Davis an actual roster of NBA players to play with this season.  Evan Turner can fill a lot of roles for them and the Celtics have enough depth to wait for Quincy to recover from his knee injury.

Why this is stupid and should be mocked: Probably doesn't do enough to address the Pelicans' woes and probably isn't equal value for Pondexter.  Also leaves the Celtics with the same problem of having 16 guaranteed contracts.

3.Joel Embiid for James Young, Jared Sullinger, and a future lottery protected pick.*

*Note: I totally stole and modified this from the idea that Tim had.  So give him partial blame!

Why I thought of it: Sounds like Embiid hasn't endeared himself to the Sixers and they already have enough healthy bigs to build upon for the future (whenever that may occur).  The Celtics can roll the dice on Joel, trusting that the Celtics staff and a good environment can get him straight and healthy again in time for next season.  James Young may have already been replaced by R.J. Hunter and Sullinger is on the outside looking in.  The Sixers get a few more assets.

Why this is stupid and should be mocked: Because Embiid sounds like Greg Oden 2.0.  Enough said.

Oh, and if you need some colorful (but still PG) language with which to insult me, here are a few ideas.

"Normally I respect your writing Jeff, but allow me to completely disrespect you in everything I'm about to say now..."

"While the phrase 'you must be on drugs' is cliche and played out, I'm legitimately concerned for your mental and physical health Jeff...."

"Jeff, I wish you were the GM of the Nets or Mavs, because I'd love to see them make deals as bad as these...."

You get the idea.  I can't do everything for you.  So go ahead and mock away.

Oh, and if you have some better ideas, feel free to share them with the group.  Just be prepared to be similarly mocked.

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