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Celtics defeat Real Madrid 111-96 in final overseas preseason game

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

International competition was no big deal for the Celtics, as they defeated Real Madrid 111-96 on Thursday.

Here is a player-by-player breakdown:

The Starters

Avery Bradley was excellent for the second consecutive game. Bradley’s ball handling looked improved and his shot was still on fire. He hit 3 three-points on his way to 17 points, while playing stellar defense.

Marcus Smart struggled to score and had an off-night on the defensive end, with 5 fouls and some missed assignments.

Jae Crowder had a great all-around game, with 8 points, 6 assists, and 4 rebounds. Crowder looks like he could take another step for the Celtics.

Tyler Zeller had a nice block and scored 8 points on 3-5 shooting. Don't be surprised if he takes a step forward this year

David Lee was great once again and the Celtics ran a lot of offense through him. It looks like he'll be a primary scorer and playmaker on this team.

The Bench

Isaiah Thomas got off to a slow start but dominated the third quarter. For the game he had 15 points and 3 assists.

Jonas Jerebko had one nice play early in the game when he took a small forward to the low post. We didn't really see that from him last year, but he could use his size to the advantage.

Kelly Olynyk's stats don't look great but he had a great game early on, making savvy plays on offense.

Jared Sullinger didn't do much in just 11 minutes, but man can he rebound the ball, with 6 total.

The Kids

Terry Rozer was awesome in the fourth quarter, extending the Celtics' lead. He was hitting threes and making plays with the ball on his way to 14 points and 4 assists. So much for a reach at No. 16!

Jordan Mickey looked like a true big out there, with a delcious boxout and then a drawn foul. He played only 12 minutes but could play more in a pinch.

R.J. Hunter's shot wasn't on today, hitting only 1-6 trees. But he did make some nice passes, with 3 assists.

James Young hit a three but didn't do much, bobbling some catches and making a lazy pass.

Evan Turner missed the game with a right knee strain. Amir Johnson missed the game with a sickness. And Perry Jones missed his second consecutive game because of a death in the family.

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