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Use Boston Celtics PF Jared Sullinger on FanDuel Sunday vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

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Over the last five games, Jared Sullinger is averaging 31.2 FanDuel points per game. At only $4,500, this makes him a major bargain for your lineups.

Though the Oklahoma City Thunder have allowed only 98.9 points per 100 possessions as a team, opposing power forwards have done a good job against by FanDuel standards. Per RotoWire, they're allowing an average of 44.2 FanDuel points to power forwards, so Sullinger could feast.

Earlier this season, Orlando's Tobias Harris scored 30 points, with 9 rebounds and 4 assists in a double overtime loss. Phoenix's Markieff Morris put up 19 and 5 in 34 minutes.

Not only is Sullinger an appealing option because of his ability to score in different ways, but he's now accumulating blocks and steals at a career-best rate. Sullinger's BLK% of 3.4 and STL% of 2.3 are both highs by a wide margin, as his improved conditioning has helped on the defensive end.

Boston's frontcourt rotation is somewhat unpredictable, but Sullinger has been good for at least 25 FanDuel points, with a ceiling in the low 40s.

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