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Boom: Celtics clap Thunder 100 - 85

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Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Marcus Smart leads the Celtics past Russell Westbrook and the Thunder.

Smart did a little bit of everything tonight.  Shooting 9-14 and 3-5 from downtown for 26 points to lead the Celtics.  He also added 8 rebounds, a steal, and one tremendous chase-down block that may have been the defensive dagger that put this game away.

It wasn't looking like it would have turned out that way.  The Celtics trailed by 11 at the half and the Thunder appeared to be in control.  The Celtics were giving away points by missing free throws.  But the 2nd half was another story and the Celtics found their touch from outside and closed out an impressive win.

The Celtics dominated on the boards, led by (who else?) Jared Sullinger's 15 - including 5 offensive.  Isaiah Thomas added his customary 20 points and Brad Steven's team simply executed better sets than the Thunder did.

Boston benefited from the absence of Kevin Durant.  Obviously Russell Westbrook got his to the tune of 27 points but he had to do it on 5-20 shooting and just 2-10 from 3 point range as the Celtics guards harassed him as well as can be expected.  The Thunder got a double double from Ibaka (16 and 10) but nobody else cracked double figures for them.

Just an excellent, all around quality win against a very solid team.