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Film Rewind: Isaiah Thomas opens the lane for a monster dunk from Avery Bradley

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The Celtics nearly had the Spurs on the ropes after this monster dunk from Avery Bradley.

With just under two minutes left against the San Antonio Spurs, Isaiah Thomas pushed the Boston Celtics pushed up court trailing by seven points. Some aggressive play from IT would give the C's a big play to bring them within five.

Thomas squares up Tony Parker near the right elbow as Jared Sullinger sets the pick. Kawhi Leonard (guarding Avery Bradley) has been spying IT the whole possession, and as IT curls around Sully it draws Leonard in to try and go for the steal.

Thomas gets low and tight with the handle to avoid the sweeping arm of Leonard, and he promptly gets the ball out to Avery Bradley on the arc. Leonard closes in hard but in an awkward lateral motion that doesn't allow him to square up to Bradley.

Bradley easily takes Leonard off the dribble, and Amir Johnson is just enough of a 3-point threat across across the court that Tim Duncan has to step out of the key to check him with Leonard trailing Bradley. At this point AB sees that he's basically got Tony Parker and LaMarcus Aldridge to beat.

From here Bradley just explodes to the hoop as Tony Parker literally squats under the basket to box out Sullinger while probably expecting Aldridge to provide a little more protection than just standing there with an arm up. Nevertheless, it's great awareness from the Celtics backcourt that gives them a late-game shot in the arm.