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Win them for the picks - Celtics play the Nets twice in 3 days

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#NetsPick Bowl

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Rooting for the Celtics has been a double effort this year.  As usual we pull for Boston to win as many games as possible, but this year we're also scoreboard watching to follow how many losses the Nets put up.  If those two items were circles on a Venn diagram, the next two games would be the overlap of those interests.

The Celtics play the Nets twice in the next 3 days.  So for C's fans, these games are doubly important.  Nets fans, on the other hand, are turning away in disgust.

Nets and Celtics begin a home-and-home set in Boston - NetsDaily

If you're a Nets fan that doesn't want to hear about the draft pick situation, avoiding the games this weekend might be in your best interests. As we all know, Boston owns Brooklyn's unprotected draft pick this season, and if the Nets continue to struggle, there's a very good chance the pick will be near the top of the Draft. Oh, and you might wanna avoid Twitter too.

As for the players and coaches, they are focused on competing, so they don't want to hear about it.  For one thing, if you sleep on a team like the Nets, you could end up getting beat and embarrassed.  They still have veteran talent that has won before and they have played pretty well recently.

Net gains on Celtics wish list | Boston Herald

"They’ve been playing really well," said Brad Stevens. "And the thing about it is you can tell there’s a great deal of urgency in their play. Jarrett Jack, (Brook) Lopez, Thaddeus (Young), Joe (Johnson) — those guys have all been playing really well. They’re getting great energy from their young guys and from their bench. I’ve been really impressed, because I didn’t really watch their first seven games or so, but now watching recently and, especially that Golden State game, I mean, they had Golden State beat. And at Golden State, which is really, really hard to do, obviously. But then to come back, beat Atlanta and go on the road and lose a tough one (in Charlotte) where they led the whole way, I mean, they’re playing well. "We’re going to have to play well to win. That’s a consistent theme for our team, though. If we don’t play well, we’ll lose."

In addition, Evan Turner points out that the draft is no sure thing.

Boston Celtics fans keeping their eyes on Brooklyn Nets - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN

"I don’t pay attention to draft picks, to tell you the truth, because guys have still got to come and play," said Turner, who has been embraced in Boston for his versatility, particularly as a ball-handler off the bench. "Obviously [the 2015] draft seems pretty promising, but last year everybody blew smoke up the draft, and you may be getting s--- disguised as steak, you know what I’m saying?

Sorry, but I have to point out the fact that Evan was once the number 2 overall pick for the 76ers.  So his quote sounds like rain on your wedding day.  Still, the point is solid enough.  The Celtics should be focused on winning the games in front of them and getting better on the court every day.  Let us fans worry about rooting against the Nets.