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Celtics feast on Wizards, win 111-78

Pass the stuffing.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

That... felt good.

Jared Sullinger scored 18 points and pulled down 15 rebounds and clearly could have had more but only played 24 minutes because the Celtics were so far ahead of the Wizards that they didn't need him in the 4th quarter.

Nice games by Crowder, Bradley, Lee, Olynyk, and of course Isaiah Thomas as well.  The offense was clicking right along with the defense tonight.

Speaking of the D: The Celtics guards harassed John Wall into 3 turnovers and limited him to 10 points which led to his plus-minus being -28 tonight.  I think he's going to have green colored nightmares tonight.

In general the Boston defense was "on a string" (as they say) all night.  I was worried about a let-down in the 3rd quarter - which has happened at least once this year after a big lead was built in the 1st half.  But they kept the throttle down and won each and every quarter of the game.  Nicely done.

As Kevin pointed out on twitter, this is a nice feel-good momentum type of game to have right before they head out on a road trip against some quality opponents.

The Boston crowd got so bored, they started doing the wave... and Amir Johnson joined in the fun.  So yeah, it was that kind of night.

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