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Celtics assign Mickey, Young to Red Claws

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David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The Celtics announced Tuesday afternoon that they have assigned both Jordan Mickey and James Young to the team's D-League affiliate Maine Red Claws.

The move is less than surprising. Given Boston's number of big men deserving of regular playing time, the opportunities for Mickey to get in-game reps were likely to be few and far between this season. And rather than have him waste away on the bench, sending him to Maine will be great for his development and will offer him a chance to play as much as possible.

The same can be said for Young. Boston's 20-year-old wing man failed to show the team much in the way of individual improvement throughout the preseason and it's clear he isn't ready to make significant contributions on the NBA level.

Expect to see Mickey and Young back with the Celtics at some point this season, though. Young was shuttled back and forth between Maine and Boston a number of times last year. And just because Terry Rozier and RJ Hunter remain with the team right now doesn't mean they won't get a turn in a Red Claws uniform at some point.

However, out of this quartet, Rozier and Hunter are clearly the most prepared to play NBA minutes. The former will get a chance to play more than the two minutes of garbage time he logged against the Philadelphia 76ers while the latter will look to suit up for the first time soon after battling illness.