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Progress Report: Avery Bradley's shot distribution is evolving as expected

Avery Bradley is shooting more threes.

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Andy Lyons/Getty Images

CelticsBlog readers, you already know I cover Avery Bradley's evolving shot selection as regularly as some people stalk their ex's Facebook pages. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that I've got another Bradley update.

Through four games this season, a small but relevant sample size, Bradley is seeing an uptick in three-point attempts, which is a pleasant development.

Bradley is attempting 29 percent of his shots from above the break, 10 percent from the corner, 33 percent from mid-range, and 28 percent in the paint. These averages are nearly identical to my projections from September:

There's plenty of time for Bradley's distribution to change, but through four games the Celtics are using him similarly to how they did in the preseason.

More plays are being run for him to get him attempts from deep, which stretches the defense and takes advantage of Bradley's stroke.

Here's an example from Wednesday's game:

David Lee sets a down screen to give Bradley extra space, but the defender fights through to force Bradley to pump fake and side dribble before releasing the three.

Last season, it's possible Bradley would've instead dribbled forward to pull up from mid-range. But after a summer of workouts and guidance from coaches, Bradley appears to be conditioned to shoot from behind the arc.

Bradley is shooting only 35 percent from three this year, but it's encouraging he's draining 46.7 percent of his attempts above the break.

This level of effectiveness bodes well for both Avery Bradley and the Boston Celtics moving forward this season.

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