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FanDuel advice for tonight's Celtics-Wizards game

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One of the unsung bright spots from Wednesday's two-point loss in Indiana was the chemistry between Evan Turner and David Lee. Could the pair be a reliable source of points for the second unit?

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So, here's what you need to know about tonight's game against the Washington Wizards.  On Wednesday, Brad Stevens shook up the starting lineup in part because of Marcus Smart's injury and the stagnant production from David Lee and Tyler Zeller.  He replaced Smart with Isaiah Thomas, included Amir Johnson (Thomas' favorite pick-and-roll partner), and the resurgent Jared Sullinger.

Results were mixed.  While Thomas looked good as a starter (27 points, 7 assists, 4 threes) and Sullinger nearly pulled down a double double with 9 & 11, Johnson only played 20 minutes because of a sprained ankle and was forgettable in the box score.  On Thursday, Smart was out of his walking boot, but had a noticeable limp at practice.  He's questionable for today's home game, so you're going to want to monitor his progress throughout the day.  Johnson didn't practice, but there's little concern about his ankle, but he's also questionable against Washington.

So who should you pick up from the Celtics?  If you're looking for value, Jonas Jerebko is a nice plug-in at power forward at $3,500.  Like the Celtics, the Wiz have been playing a lot of pace-and-space, read-and-react with small ball lineups, so Stevens could counter with JJ.  Jerebko can shoot the three or pump fake and drive to the hole.  He rarely takes long 2's, so he's a good bet for an efficient night.

I also really like Evan Turner tonight, especially if Smart is sitting out.  Against the Pacers on Wednesday, he found some good chemistry with Lee off the bench and that pair will probably play a lot together vs. Washington.  The price tag of $5,700 might be a little steep, but he's a triple double threat every night and over the last two games, he's really concentrated on limiting his turnovers.

Check back next week when the Celtics have three games against the Milwaukee Bucks, Indiana Pacers, and Atlanta Hawks.