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2016 NBA Draft: Checking in with Duke prospect Brandon Ingram

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In the first edition of my 2016 NBA Draft board, Duke freshman Brandon Ingram was ranked No. 4. But through 7 games with the Blue Devils, Ingram disappointed, before his coming out party on Wednesday against Indiana. Nearly all of my concerns with him are more visible than expected.

Ingram, despite incredible measurements, has been inconsistent on defense, often playing with poor technique and effort. Offensively, he's struggling to score inside, which was the focus on my "progress report" of Ingram that you can read by clicking the link to the right.

Brandon Ingram has Duke fans, NBA scouts concerned — but not panicked
At 6-9, with a pterodactyl wingspan, Brandon Ingram has freakish physical dimensions. Factor in his ability to handle the ball and he should be a matchup nightmare for Duke opponents.

With a shooting guard skill set and the size of a forward, Ingram is a basketball rarity, so he was a top recruit for good reason. But he comes with troubling flaws that have hampered his play with Duke, and could limit his long-term upside in the NBA. Through seven games with the Blue Devils, those blemishes are more apparent than ever.

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Ingram, on paper, would make a nice fit for the Celtics. He has positional versatility, and Brad Stevens could absolutely use him in different roles. But, at the same time, we've seen how a guy like Jeff Green never really fit because he was disengaged so frequently. Stevens once challenged Green to have a "lockdown type of mentality defensively," which never really sustained, and Ingram appears equally lackadaisical on defense.

Ingram's jumper is also somewhat of a concern. He's had success shooting in the past, but he's streaky and has never been a lights out shooter. I had my doubts about his ability, primarily because he doesn't "dip" the ball. It'll be necessary for him to prove he can drain a jumper to maximize his potential, which he certainly began to do against Indiana with a ferocious 24-point performance.

It's early in the pre-draft process, and I've soured a little on Ingram, but he's still someone I'm intrigued by. It's rare to find a guy with his physical dimensions and his skill-set.

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