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Jae Crowder wants an apology from J.R. Smith for bashing him in the face

You remember the play. J.R. Smith apparently thought he was on a battlefield and struck Jae Crowder's face so hard that Crowder lost his footing and sprained his left ACL.

Jae would like to bury the hatchet when the Boston Celtics host the Cleveland Cavaliers tomorrow.

"I'm ready to play tomorrow night is all I can say," Crowder said. "We'll see."

Pressed further, Crowder said of Smith, "I hope he apologizes tomorrow, to be honest with you. I hope it wasn't intentional. But if he doesn't, then we'll play ball."

When someone with a video camera said it looked like a cheap shot he had taken, Crowder repeated, "I hope he apologizes tomorrow. But if he doesn't, we'll play ball."

Boston Herald

Crowder really has a great demeanor about him, and I'm honestly impressed with the discipline in his words chosen here. But between this and Love/Olynyk I'm really only left thinking one thing...

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