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NBA trade season: Danny Ainge wants a "go-to scorer"

Who could that be?

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The trade rumor season is gearing up and Celtics fans are turning their eyes to the trade machine.  While visions of DeMarcus dance in some heads, there doesn't appear to be any solid rumors surrounding the Celtics at this point.

What we do have now, is a clear signal from Danny Ainge about what he's looking for.  As it turns out, it is the same thing a lot of us have been looking for all year.  Scoring.

At top of Danny Ainge's holiday shopping list? A go-to scorer - Boston Celtics Blog- ESPN

"I think the one thing that we could really use is a go-to scorer," said Ainge. "We have some guys that have carried us -- Kelly [Olynyk has] carried us, Avery [Bradley has] carried us, Isaiah [Thomas has] carried us, [Jared Sullinger has] carried us at moments during the season, Evan Turner has carried us -- but it would be nice to find another player that’s a reliable scorer at the end of games, night in and night out."

That's easy to say, but who is out there to pick up?  Usually reliable scorers that can be counted on at the end of games are pretty hard to pry away from other teams.  Take a look down the leading scorers list and tell me how many you think are realistically available for anything less than several kitchen sinks.

Granted, Danny Ainge has a lot of plumbing to throw around, but do you really want to flush all our assets into a guy like Carmelo Anthony (if he's even available)?  Unless things get really dicey in Houston, I don't think Harden is going anywhere.

Ainge was asked about DeMarcus Cousins and while he refused to talk about him by name, he downplayed any interest in a guy that could be disruptive.

I don't think it's ever a good idea to have players that are disruptive to your team, on the court and off the court.

Personally, I would look a little deeper to come up with some more realistic names.  There have been rumors of Ryan Anderson being available at the right price and he's a pretty reliable stretch 4.  As Kevin has pointed out several times Danilo Gallinari is a name that makes sense.

Any other thoughts on who the Celtics could be targeting to add some "reliable" scoring punch?

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