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NBA trade idea: Would Dwight Howard be a good idea for the Celtics?

This should produce some strong opinions.

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The Celtics are waiting very patiently for a star player to become available so we can use some of our stockpile of assets to acquire him.  Things aren't going very swimmingly in Houston and ESPN's Kevin Pelton is wondering out loud if Boston could be a landing spot for Dwight Howard. (Note: this isn't a rumor, just one writer's idea)

Report: Celtics a potential trade destination for Dwight Howard

David Lee, Tyler Zeller, future first-round pick...Lee wouldn't have much value to the Rockets, who might just buy him out. Besides offering some flexibility with the hard cap Houston is working under this year after using its non-taxpayer mid-level exception, this trade is all about getting one of Boston's huge stockpile of picks to flip in another trade. That could work out like when the Rockets traded Kyle Lowry to the Toronto Raptors for a lottery pick that ended up being a key part of the James Harden deal months later.

The price is exceedingly low for a guy of Howard's talent and production.  Obviously it depends on which pick is changing hands and how much protection is on the pick.  If it is any of the unprotected Nets picks I think the answer is an obvious "no."  If it is a later pick or one with lottery protections it becomes a much closer call.

Even in his worst years Howard is a virtual lock for a double double and when healthy he can dominate on defense and contribute a lot on offense.  Before he got fired, McHale singled out Howard as the one guy that was consistently playing hard on defense this year.  I don't think he matches the description of "go to scorer" but he fills the need for a rim protecting big.

With all that said he's an old 30 years old and he has a player option to become a free agent at the end of the season.  Frankly speaking I don't like his demeanor in good times or bad.  When he's happy he's a goofball that doesn't seem to know how to be serious and it sounds like he's unhappy in Houston (kind of like he was unhappy in Los Angeles and Orlando before that).  Basically he has zero leadership skills and can be a net-negative in terms of attitude.

Ultimately, I'm not a big fan of the big guy but I can't deny that he can produce when he's healthy and happy. At the low price of a pick, Zeller, and filler (Lee) I think you'd have to at least consider this deal.  I'm just hoping a few better options become available to consider instead.

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