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Dear Brandon Bassketball

Much of the fanfare today will be about Kobe Bryant's final game in the Garden, but it's also the return of one of the most beloved Celtics in the last five years.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

From the moment
Danny traded Big Baby for you
and you started hitting
mid-range jumpers in the Garden
We knew one thing was real:

We fell in love with you.

You were the consummate Celtic
Mind & body
Spirit & soul

Every season
You got better and better
Whether you were playing behind KG
Or eventually starting next to KG
And being a rock when KG left.
Thank you, big fella.
You'll always have a place
On Causeway Street.

You've traded green
For purple and gold
Chase your rap dreams in LA
And we know they'll come true
Because nobody hustles
And goes to the rack with two hands
Like Best Bet Bass.

#30 won't be raised to the rafters
You won't be remembered for a title
But some things mean more than banners and championships
Stats and winning shots

Celtic pride is about character
And God, Grind, and Greatness
Is what you're all about.

Love you always,

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