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Should the Celtics pursue a trade for DeMarcus Cousins?

This should generate some discussion.

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The Celtics have a treasure trove of draft picks and trade assets but nobody to deal with. Kind of like me and my baseball card collection from when I was 10.

The Kings are an absolute mess (as usual) and DeMarcus Cousins sounds a bit fed up with it.  So, (say it with me now) I wonder if the Celtics should try to pry Cousins away from the Kings - either this week or in the summer.

The new Kings ownership group is better than the old one but they've made some unpredictable moves.  The way they've handled the coaching situation has everyone scratching their heads.  Between firing Mike Malone early in the season (probably would have been better done in the offseason if at all) to bringing in George Karl (amid constant rumors leaking out of the organization) it has become a distraction to the team and in particular the team's star.

There have been rumors that Cousins isn't crazy about the prospect of the Kings hiring Karl.

Here's what he said last night.

DeMarcus Cousins on Kings: 'I just hope they make a decision soon and stick with it' - Yahoo Sports

"I wasn't consulted when the decision was made to fire Mike Malone and I'm not being consulted now," Cousins told Yahoo Sports on Tuesday night. "I just hope they make a decision soon and stick with it. George Karl is an experienced, proven coach and if that is who they chose to coach this team, I will support it. I do not like all these discussions in the media while we have a coach in place. It is a distraction and not fair to Coach Corbin and this team."

That prompted this humorous tweet.

That's amusing but here's the thing.  I think perhaps we aren't giving DeMarcus enough credit for growing as a player and person.  Here's what Tom Ziller wrote about him a week or so back when it looked like Cousins was going to be left off the All Star squad (he was later added as an injury replacement).

DeMarcus Cousins belongs in the All-Star Game -

Those of who have watched DeMarcus Cousins' career most closely sensed it coming. Despite gaudy stats, a reformed attitude, much-improved defense and a clear positive impact on the court every single night, Boogie was left off of the 2015 NBA All-Star roster. Throughout Cousins' career, excellence has never been enough. Too many people in the NBA -- analysts, coaches, fans -- make up their minds about someone and never re-evaluate. Cousins caught a reputation as a knucklehead and malcontent early in his career and deserved it. All of that's over, but you wouldn't know it by the way some folks still talk about him. Even this week, as Cousins' All-Star status was discussed and revealed, you had people mentioning his propensity to argue with the referees. Oh, Cousins is tied for 23rd in the NBA in techs? Tied with Marc Gasol, Kyle Lowry, Sebastian Telfair and, uh, Joel Freeland? Huh.

Granted, Ziller is a Kings fan and adores his star in ways that remind me of my defiant devotion to Rajon Rondo.  But I guess that's why I get it.  I love (productive) guys that march to the beat of a different drummer.  At some point that can become distracting to the team, but as long as he isn't breaking the law or defying management, you can live with some of that for All Star level production.

Cousins might be happier in Boston given their stable ownership, management, and coaching situations.  He would be going to another rebuilding effort, but one that perhaps has a better heading than the Kings.  This summer Boston would have the cap space to go get him and Marcus Smart some more help and perhaps become contenders sooner rather than later (especially in the weak East).

I don't really know Cousins well enough to say that he'd be good or bad for the Celtics but I know that Danny Ainge has never been shy about adding talent.  He especially loves getting great value and Cousins could make it clear to the Kings that he wants out, which means that the Celtics could get him for less than his real worth.

In theory of course. Nobody has made a trade demand and I don't have any rumors to indicate to me that Cousins is a guy that the Celtics would go after.  I'm just speculating here and welcoming you to speculate and share your opinion.

So what do you think?  Should the Celtics make an offer for Cousins?  Should they push for it now or in the summer (or both)?

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