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Danny Ainge on the NBA trade deadline: "We’re opportunistic"

Translation: Grab your popcorn.

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Nothing new or Earth shattering, but when Danny talks about the trade deadline I'm always all ears - searching for hidden meaning and things spoken between the lines.

Danny Ainge on Trade Deadline: We're 'Opportunistic' - Celtics Blog -

"We’re opportunistic," Ainge said about the possibility of more trades. "There’s a lot of different things that can happen. I don’t anticipate, because right now we don’t have anything imminent, but you never know what can happen at the trade deadline."

Translation: We've got about 30 deals that we've outlined with teams but everyone is waiting to see if anything better comes up.

"We're ready," Ainge said of next week. "We have a lot of bullets in our arsenal right now. We have a lot of assets we can move for a lot of different things and go in a lot of different directions at this point. This is one of those ‘turning points.'"

Translation: If Boogie or any other star comes on the market, he's ours.

"There's not teams that are looking to make those kind of major changes, is my perspective, right now heading into this trade deadline. I'm not sure what may happen," Ainge said.

Translation: Don't hold your breath for Boogie or any other star.  Chances are we're selling more assets for picks.

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