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Rumor: Enes Kanter seeking to be traded

Big man seeking team that really appreciates him.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

When a talented center makes noise about being traded, my ears automatically go up.  Nothing here connects him to the Celtics but it is at least worth monitoring.

Utah Jazz: Frustrated Enes Kanter said he hopes to be traded before deadline | The Salt Lake Tribune

Frustrated by his role during his three-plus years in Utah, center Enes Kanter told The Salt Lake Tribune he hopes to be traded before this year's deadline. Kanter expressed his frustration after Wednesday's 87-82 loss to the Mavericks, a game in which Kanter left with an eye injury and did not play in the fourth quarter despite his claim that he was healthy enough to play.

Kanter will be a restricted free agent this summer after he and the Jazz failed to reach a deal to extend him before the season. That could make it difficult to move him should the Jazz opt to go that route. A team interested in Kanter would have to give up assets while simultaneously assuming the risk and uncertainty involving the big man's future salary.

Kanter is a solid offensive player putting up productive stats (13.8 pts, 7.8 rbs., 17.5 PER), but you have to wonder why he's finding himself pushed out of the rotation.  I would imagine that it has something to do with his lack of defensive progress and the emergence of the "Steifel Tower" Rudy Gobert.  The Jazz also have Derrick Favors and Trevor Booker taking time in the big man rotation.

Would he be a fit in Boston (where we have a similar crowded frontcourt)?  I don't think he plays enough defense to solve our "rim protector" needs but Danny Ainge did talk about being "opportunistic" and might make a bid on Kanter (who might be had cheaply if the Jazz are looking to get something for him before either overpaying or losing him for nothing this offseason).

Just something to keep an eye on.

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