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Rumor: Celtics "monitoring" Enes Kanter situation

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Not ready to make a move yet.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

As we pointed out a few days ago, Enes Kanter is reportedly unhappy with his situation in Utah and would like to be traded.  The Celtics are obviously aware of this and are apparently monitoring what's going on.

Disgruntled Enes Kanter drawing Celtics attention |

Kanter does not own the best defensive reputation, but he's an improving, sturdy young big who scores, rebounds and recently added a bit of long-distance shooting to his repertoire. In the final season of his rookie contract, he will become a restricted free agent after the season. The Celtics could use more size inside, but might want to target someone who provides more consistent rim protection.

Obviously not the "rim protector" that we've been hoping for, but at the right price, he's a good young big that could be a nice addition to the future core.