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Rumor: Celtics pursuing DeMarcus Cousins and Enes Kanter

Danny Ainge will be opportunistic.

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I speculated earlier in the week that the Celtics would kick the tires on DeMarcus Cousins.  According to Sam Smith they are indeed making a play for the All Star big man, though how much of a shot that they have is anyone's guess.

NBA trade deadline approaching | Chicago Bulls

Another Celtics’ big man rumor floating around during All-Star weekend has been their pursuit of All-Star DeMarcus Cousins. There is no indication he’s available from the team, but the speculation has been he and George Karl won’t work together and Karl wants to play faster without a low post center. So Boston is rumored to give it a try. Hey, who thought they would get Kevin Garnett?

So far this doesn't sound like a serious discussion, but it is at least worth keeping our ears open for.

Smith also mentions Enes Kanter as a big man that the Celtics are interested in.  He also lists all the usual suspects as being available from the Celtics, including Evan Turner, Marcus Thornton, and Brandon Bass.

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