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Rumor: Celtics waiting for better offers at deadline

Call us back when you've got a real offer.

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We are two days away from the trade deadline and it seems that we are in that lull where teams are trying to sort things out.  The leaks you've heard for days were probably intended to make other teams move in one direction or the other (to varying degrees of success).  Teams have already done their due diligence in having exploratory talks.  Some of those talks might heat up and some of them might die off.  But with only a few exceptions, you'll probably have to wait till Thursday to see any real movement happen.

Danny Ainge keeps an open mind | Boston Herald

In this market, the Celtics have wares to offer. Tayshaun Prince, Brandon Bass and Marcus Thornton can all be had, and, while it’s hard to picture another club wanting to take on 32-year-old Gerald Wallace with $10.1 million left on his contract for 2015-16, at least one team in the Western Conference mix has been asking questions about him. Thus far, NBA sources have said that teams speaking to the Celts have tried to make lowball offers with, of course, no success. That situation is expected to change as Thursday’s 3 p.m. trade deadline nears. At least that’s what the Celtics have to be hoping.

I have grown to appreciate Crash but he's still collecting a big check and if someone wants to take him off our hands without giving us additional long term salary, that would be a good thing.  I just wouldn't hold my breath.  Chances are a team would want an asset like a pick in return for taking Wallace on.  A 2nd rounder I'd maybe be fine with, but not a 1st.

As for the rest of the guys we've got on the block, well, we'll see.  I think that a lot of our guys might be decent 2nd choice options for teams that can't get other guys.  For example, if Toronto can't get David West, would they settle for Brandon Bass for a cheaper pricetag?

By the way, Bulpett also notes that some of the names that we've been hearing (Kanter, Lawson) are unlikely in a straight deal but wouldn't rule them out as part of a larger "facilitator" package.

As always, stay tuned for more updates.

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