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Jazz have "significant threshold" for Kanter deal

The Utah Jazz are interested in trading Kanter, as long as they are receiving a great reward.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

As the trade deadline approaches, the Celtics have been searching the market and seem to have a strong focus on Utah Jazz center, Enes Kanter.

The 22 year old big man has expressed his desire to be traded before the February 19 deadline since the long Rudy Gobert is quickly replacing him in the rotation.  The Jazz, however, do not plan on dealing as long as they are getting some value--a young player and a draft pick.  The Celtics have a handful of future draft picks, but Ainge may be hesitant to deal any for Enes.

Kanter is making close to $5,700,000 this season, which will rise to $7,500,000 in the 2015 season leading into restricted free agency.  Kanter will be looking for "Gordon Hayward" money.

While the Turkish big man is a young scoring talent (13.8 points per game), he does not answer some of Boston's needs.  He struggles to protect the rim and pass the ball.  Being that Utah is looking for young assets, this trade may be too risky for Boston.

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