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Brandon Bass has no desire to be bought out

Bass wants to be a Celtic.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday Ken Berger of CBS Sports posted the following rumor.

Trade Deadline Buzz: Uncertainty reigns as deadline approaches -

Teams trying to move high-priced veterans like Prince, Andrea Bargnani (Knicks), Bass (Celtics), Kevin Martin (Timberwolves) and David Lee (Warriors) aren't likely to find any takers. All of the above, besides Lee, would then be headed for buyouts, sources say.

Tayshaun Prince I expected to be in that list but Brandon Bass was unexpected.  Personally I didn't really believe it and I have assumed that Berger was just passing along assumptions made by rival GMs or league execs.

Today we got confirmation from Bass himself that he has no interest in getting bought out.

I appreciate that about Bass.  It seems he's got a little Kevin Garnett in him in terms of loyalty to his team.

With that said, it has to be hard knowing that the loyalty doesn't exactly go both ways in this situation.  Danny Ainge would trade him in a heartbeat if he got close to good value for him.

On the other hand, Ainge has also made comments that make you believe that Bass might be here for the long term.

Ainge: Bass may stay, get contract extension | Comcast SportsNet -

Danny Ainge, Boston's president of basketball operations, said Bass could potentially be a Celtic beyond this season when his contract expires.   "Right now, Brandon is with us and Brandon may be with us next year and the year after that as well," Ainge told   Ainge later added, "What I like about Brandon, he just … he’s never satisfied with his role. He goes about his job the same, every day. He’s a rare guy in that he’s getting better. I think he’s better right now than he’s ever been in his career. And I think his upside is still ahead of him."

Either way though, Bass is going to handle things like a pro as always.

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