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Rumor: Celtics may just do nothing at the deadline

Stand Pat Danny?

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This is a well worn tradition at this point.  As the days lead up to the trade deadline, the Celtics are attached to any and all rumors of any interest.  Fans (and bloggers) get worked up and discuss the potential deals and their repercussions. People take sides and adamantly support or oppose various moves and propose their own variations on what should or should not be done.  It is great for blog business!

Then of course Steve Bulpett comes along and douses the flames with fruit punch.  "Party's over people. Nothing to see here.  Move along."

Steve reports that the team has been involved in various talks, but moreso in an opportunistic sort of way.  Looking to play facilitator or take advantage of a situation where value shakes out of tricky deal.

Click the link below to get the full story, but here's the conclusion.

Celtics in prime position to do nothing | Boston Herald

So it remains quite possible that your local NBA franchise will sit out today’s festivities. If the Celtics do get involved before 3 p.m., odds are strong that it will be either a minor bookkeeping transaction or the facilitating of a larger trade that will net them something such as a pick for use of their expiring contracts or traded player exceptions. "They don’t have to do anything," one NBA source said of the Celts. "And that’s a pretty good position to be in at this time of the year. It means you have less chance of doing something stupid."

So yeah, there really isn't any particular need to take a home run swing in February when the Celtics are set up to have cap space, draft picks, and lots of different options in the summer.

But how boring is that?  Give me another trade rumor!  Gotta get those page views up!  (Seriously though, I do enjoy the extra traffic, but I love this time of year and just like I've always been obsessed with the deadline. Blog or no blog.)

So stay tuned to see if any "bookkeeping" trades can be accomplished.  In a way I might even be happier with that. There's a lot of risk involved with adding guys like Goran Dragic or Reggie Jackson and I'm kinda digging what the current squad has going right now.  Maybe a boring trade deadline would be the best thing.

But that doesn't mean I'll stop scouring the web for any sliver of a fun trade rumor.  Let the trades begin!  And may the odds be ever in your favor!

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