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Rumor: Ainge is reluctant to give up multiple picks for impending free agents

Not so fast my friend.

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It might be time to pump the brakes on the Goran Dragic to the Celtics rumors. The idea gained a great deal of steam yesterday when several ESPN personalities suggested Boston as the most likely landing spot for Dragic at the trade deadline. However, this morning on Toucher and Rich, Ainge seemed to portray a deal for Dragic as unlikely.

We don't want to get rid of multiple draft picks for players with uncertainty in the free agent market, a situation like we were in with Rondo, as an example. We're not looking to do those kind of games, but we're looking for more certainty. It's more likely that we will be busier in the summertime and actually get more accomplished in the summertime than here at the trade deadline.

Ainge never used Dragic's name, but it was clear who this quote was in reference to. Now with Ainge, you certainly can't rule anything out, but it seems clear that he wouldn't be willing to give a huge package for Dragic - or Reggie Jackson for that matter - both of whom will be free agents this coming offseason (with Jackson being restricted).

Ainge went on to discuss the talent level on the C's current roster, and although he is happy with the roster, he acknowledged there is still plenty of work to be done.

The talent level that we have right now is not good enough at this moment. We do believe that most of our young players aren't even close to reaching their prime, so that's a very encouraging thought.

Ainge knows his team is nowhere near championship level, and will continue to look for ways to improve. He is pleased with the young talent on the team (and did mention the Celtics really like James Young and hope he can get more time down the stretch) but knows they will need a lot more to bring Banner 18 to Boston.

Dragic would certainly help accelerate the rebuild if he signed a long term deal to stay in Boston, but at the same time, trading multiple picks for what could be only a 31-game stint in green could set the rebuild back. Ainge will continue to monitor the situation, and if the Suns steep asking price comes down, Trader Danny, as always, will be there waiting.

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