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Sullinger commits to better conditioning

A weighty issue.

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Jared Sullinger provided 7 minutes worth of newsworthy information last night, and was totally transparent with regard to his need to get in much better shape.  Then Danny Ainge followed up this AM with a radio interview stating that Jared was the only player on the Celtics that did not meet the strength and conditioning goals that were set for each player.  The conditioning gauntlet has been thrown down and Sully says he's going to take it up to another level.


Jared Sullinger provided an extensive interview last night and fielded all questions regarding his conditioning, or lack thereof. While the foot injury may or may not be related to his being overweight, he is using the injury as perhaps a final warning to shape up or ship out.

This morning, Danny Ainge provided comments on Toucher and Rich regarding his numerous conversations with Sullinger on the topic of conditioning.

Jared and I have talked a lot about [his conditioning] over the past year.  It's something we take great pride in with our players.  Our players have really bought in to our program and a lot of guys - I think every guy has met the goals that they have set in regards to strength and conditioning, and body-fat, and weight, and all the different things our strength coaches do on a regular basis.  Jared just hasn't met his goals.  He's not up to the standards that he wants, and is not up to the standards that we think are in his best interests for the long-term health of his career.  He's not up to par to the standards that we feel are necessary to be a consistent winning player and play with great conditioning.

Sounds like Jared is going to become best friends with Bryan Doo during his recuperation . . . and I suggest he go with the Paleo diet like Ray Allen if he's actually going to slim down and do what's best for him and the team.

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