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Marcus Smart to start, Evan Turner slides over to small forward

At today's shootaround, Brad Stevens talked about possibly making a change in the starting lineup. Is this finally Marcus Smart's team?

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Here's the headline coming out of today's shootaround at MSG:

Unless it's Tyler Zeller taking his gig back from Brandon Bass or possibly Jared Sullinger or possibly Jae Crowder being replaced by Tayshaun Prince, all signs point to Marcus Smart finally assuming the starting point guard position vacated by Rajon Rondo and currently owned by Evan Turner.  Smart started Sunday's second half for Turner and the team whittled down a 13-point lead by the fourth.  Smart has continued to play ferocious D and against the Heat, he dished out a career high 9 assists.

To his credit, Turner is totally aware of the situation:

"I think it really takes guts to do what they did, sending off a franchise guy like Rondo to develop the younger guy," said Turner. "You really have to choose one or the other, or else you might not get a real balance. You might end up being wrong both ways if you don't make the choice.

"I sat behind (Andre) Iguodala for two years in Philadelphia, and I developed, but my development was kind of hindered a little bit. The Wizards drafted John Wall and traded Gilbert Arenas. It took two kind of bad years, but now he's arguably a top-three point guard.

"I just think in life you can't play 50-50 or sit on the fence about things, you know? And I think the development of the youth is a big deal."

Fans and bloggers have been frustrated of late with Turner's play.  So quickly we've forgotten his game winner in Portland, but he's been nothing but a model vet for this young team.  Check out the rest of Bulpett's piece for his team-first attitude and how he sees his role next to Smart and James Young going forward.


With the Celtics struggling to generate first quarter offense, that's the best grouping to jump start the team.  To a man, every player can shoot or put it on the floor.

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