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Luigi Datome drinks coffee before games instead of sports drinks

Call Dunkin Donuts and get this man a sponsorship!

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Jessica Camerato did a profile on Luigi Datome, ...because why wouldn't she?

In it we learn that he plays a little guitar (he can do most of Stairway to Heaven), he prefers to be called by his nickname "Gigi," he was at the 2010 NBA Finals (including the Shrek & Donkey game), and he plans on cutting his hair at some point.

Of course my favorite tidbit is the coffee thing.

Who is Luigi Datome? | Basketball Insiders | NBA Rumors And Basketball News

Before games, Datome can be found with a cup of coffee in his hands. Unlike other players who prefer sports drinks, he sticks with a hot beverage. "It’s just something to wake me up a little bit," he explained as he stirred. "I got used to a shot of espresso back in Italy. Here, everywhere I go, I just find a big quantity of coffee and I enjoy it. I drink it straight black. I just need caffeine."

Suddenly I feel a deep kinship with this man.

More Gigi!

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