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CelticsBlog NCAA Tourney Game - Realtime Brackets

Brackets baby!

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The Celtics have a lot of future draft picks and many of those picks will be used on college basketball players. So you might as well start scouting the kids now.  Oh yeah, and you might enjoy the national pastime of filling out brackets.

This year we're doing a bracket competition through a new SBN partner called Realtime Brackets.  Here's their pitch:

Realtime Brackets is the first college basketball bracket game that lets you change your picks after the Tourney has started. RTB is like your traditional bracket, except that your picks are never locked in. That's right, you can switch your pick during a live game!

Sound like something you want to get in on? Sign up here.

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There are no prizes for winning, but you will get the glory of besting your peers in a game largely determined by chance. Good times!

Sign up today and fill out your brackets when they are ready.  Good luck!

(For more details on Realtime Brackets, see this post)

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