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Celtics Prospect Watch, NCAA Tourney Edition

We'll be bringing you analysis of the performances of potential Celtics draft targets as they showcase their games in the big dance.

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With all of the well-deserved attention that Celtics fans have been paying to the recent string of wins, and the potential playoff berth that they represent, excitement over the 2015 NBA Draft has been left by the wayside.  We are incredibly excited that this young Boston team has learned how to finish games, and are poised to seize one of the final two playoff seeds in the weak east.  Postseason experience will do nothing but aid the development of our bevy of young players, and a run in the playoffs would inject even more energy and excitement into a dedicated fan base that hasn't had as much to cheer about for the past year and a half.

With that being said, the draft will still be taking place, and the Celtics will still most assuredly be selecting a young prospect, taking yet another step toward banner 18.  What better time to begin an analysis of some of best young players that Boston could be targeting, as they play what will almost surely be the last games of their college careers?

To that end, we will be bringing you in-depth analysis, game-by-game, of the performances of the players that Danny Ainge should have near the top of his list.  Stay tuned for updates and analysis from Justin Danziger and Wes Howard over the course of the next week as we bring you Celtics Prospect Watch!

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