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Jackie MacMullan predicts Celtics will go after "second tier" guys

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Look for Ainge to continue to look for good value.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Jackie MacMullan joined our friends at CLNS Radio for an interview touching on a number of topics surrounding the Boston Celtics. One topic was the offseason plans for Danny and the front office.

Jackie MacMullan: Milwaukee Bucks Khris Middleton a Likely Boston Celtics Off-Season Target

The Celtics will have more cap space this summer than they have had in a long time. "I think they’ll get somebody that can help them. I don’t think it’s going to be a big splash and I’m not sure it has to be this summer." "I think they’re going to try and get those [second tier free agents] anyways. Let’s say if you’re Khris Middleton for instance, he’s become everyone’s darling because analytically his numbers are eye popping. Either way I believe the Celtics were going to go after those guys anyways."

Middleton has gotten better as the season has progressed, to the point where he's averaging 19.4 points per game in March.  He's also an excellent defensive player (the Bucks are much better defensively when he's on the court).

Danny Ainge obviously will hope to land a top-line player via free agency or trade, but he also loves getting good value players and Khris is a key example of that type of player.