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Just kidding! JaVale McGee will NOT be signing with the Celtics

Did you enjoy the JaVale era?

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Well, just when you were getting used to the idea of JaVale McGee in a Celtics uniform (and I was in the middle of an article discussing how he might fit in) it turns out that he's not coming to Boston after all.

So why did the deal fall through?  Well, it has to do with risk.  More specifically who would take on the risk.

Basically the Celtics wanted the right to cut bait for any reason.  McGee wanted the right to earn a better paycheck and become a free agent if all went well.  They couldn't find a middle ground so they walked away from the deal.

So the weird saga of JaVale McGee continues.  It will just continue without the Celtics apparently.

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