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Ainge made a pitch for LeBron James last summer

Give him credit for trying.

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Danny Ainge is always looking for opportunities to improve the Celtics in a big way. In today's article Bulpett kind of laughs off a report from earlier this week indicating that the Celtics would "swing for the fences" this summer.  Not because it is inaccurate, but because it is situation normal.  Ainge is always looking for the long ball.  Witness this anecdote.

Funny, but Danny Ainge plan still same | Boston Herald

You have to go all the way back to, let’s see . . . last summer to find the Celtics desperately trying to inject themselves into bidding for elite players. They did, in fact, make a call to see if LeBron James might be available to them. And no one expects Marc Gasol to leave Memphis or Kawhi Leonard to leave San Antonio, but it’s fair to assume the Celts will try. Last summer, the C’s thought Kevin Love was a more realistic target than James, and they pushed hard to get in on his sweepstakes. Ainge did everything in his asset-laden power to pair Love with Rajon Rondo, even though he knew he was putting himself in a position to have to overpay Rondo when he becomes an unrestricted free agent this summer.

So yeah, if there's a good-to-great player on the market you can bet that Danny Ainge has at least made a few phone calls to gauge interest.

Of course, he's also going to be careful with how he spends his team's money.  If the deal isn't right, he's not going to bite.  Case in point, JaVale McGee would be with the Celtics now if Ainge was willing to risk giving him a player option for next season.

JaVale McGee, Celtics can't make it work | Boston Hearald

McGee would have been an intriguing addition for the Celtics. If they could be assured they would get his best on a consistent basis, Ainge and Co. would have had no problem guaranteeing a second year or even more. But if such assurances weren't in question, McGee never would have been available for the taking like this. Injuries and commitment to the game have been problems for the now 27-year-old big man.

And so it goes. Ainge will look under every rock and take a swing at every pitch that he likes.  Hoping that someday he can hit another grand slam like he did back in 2007.

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